Gait Analysis.

Walking Speed,

the 6th Vital Sign 

Walking speed is a more accurate predictor of your life expectancy than just age or gender.

Walking speed can also be used to predict cognitive function and mental and physical well-being.

More than any other vital sign, walking speed is an accurate predictor of future falls, hospitalization, and functional decline among older people.

Gait Analysis   

Gait analysis is to evaluate walking ability, i.e., walking speed, cadence, stride/step length, gait cycle(swing/stance/stride/step time, DST, SST, etc.), dynamic base, progression line, foot angle, hip angle, squat performance, etc. It is used for medical diagnosis, biomechanics (biomechanics, sports biomechanics, comparative biomechanics), chiropractic and osteopathic uses, gait as biometrics, surveillance, etc. The parameter that is commonly used and measured in hospitals is the walking speed (the 6th Vital Sign), because it requires only a long corridor (usually 10m or more) and a stopwatch.

(1) Is the test safe?

(2) Is it cost effective?

(3) How easy is the test to administer? and

(4) How easily are the results of the test graded and interpreted?

Gait Cycle Analysis is widely used for more precise gait analysis than gait speed. Currently, the medically trusted walking cycle analysis system is the walkway type or the 3D motion analysis type gait analysis system, which can measure only a few steps in a spacious room, is expensive (tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars), and requires a professional operator. Such equipment is impossible to use for routine gait analysis.

<Walkway type Gait Analysis System>

<3D Motion Analysis System> 

Gait Cycle 

A (bipedal) gait cycle is the time period or sequence of events or movements during locomotion in which one foot contacts the ground to when that same foot again contacts the ground, and involves propulsion of the centre of gravity in the direction of motion. A gait cycle usually involves co-operative movements of both the left and right legs and feet. A single gait cycle is also known as a stride.


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