A variety of health and disease management techniques can be performed by utilizing footLogger, the Personal Mobile Gait Analysis System based on  IoMT insole.
  • Diagnosing & predicting disease, new drug effect evaluation
  • Rehabilitation & Recovery monitoring
  • Bad gait correction
  • Digital therapeutics

Diagnosing & predicting disease, 

new drug effect evaluation

The footLogger can evaluate diseases such as dementia, falls, Parkinson's, stroke, degenerative arthritis, sarcopenia, COPD, multiple sclerosis, diabetic foot and phantom limb pain using AI technology  and help early prediction, rehabilitation and recovery.

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footLogger Diagnostics
footLogger Therapeutics


Elderly falls

Parkinson's disease




Orthopedic surgery

Diabetic foot


Phantom Limb pain


Multiple Sclerosis

Bad gait correction

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For example, patients with dementia(MCI) walk slowly, their stride is narrow and uneven (the standard deviation of the stride is large), and may be biased in one direction during walking..

Rehabilitation & Recovery monitoring 

footLogger can remotely monitor the rehabilitation and recovery of surgery or diseases that affect gait, such as joint replacement surgery or hemiplegia following stroke.

Bad gait correction

An out-toed gait, an in-toed gait is a type of bad gait that can cause vertebral musculoskeletal disorders. If you take a wide walk with footLogger's stride measurement technology, bad steps, back pain, knee pain and many other diseases can be improved.

Digital therapeutics

There are many studies showing that walking exercises are effective in treating various diseases, but it is not actually used for therapeutic (preventive) purposes when treating patients. The reason is that there is no way (tool) to track the execution even if a personalized walking exercise is prescribed.

<Diseases for which walking exercise helps>

When using the footLogger, a variety of gait parameters that are measured by the footLogger can be used to prescribe a customized walking exercise for chronically ill patients, check whether the prescribed walking exercise is executed, and evaluate the exercise effect of the walking exercise.


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